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"A Murder"
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Episode Summary: The police arrive at Dr. Tenma's apartment telling him that Director Heinemann, Dr. Oppenheim, and Dr. Boyer are dead when it turns out that the three of them have been poisoned by candy that had a muscle relaxant slipped into them. When Tenma arrives at the hospital, he learns from Dr. Becker and a nurse that both the Liebert Twins have disappeared. Following Director Heinemann's funeral, Dr. Tenma is approached by Inspector Egon Weisbach and Inspector Heinrich Lunge of the BKA. Inspector Lunge questions Dr. Tenma and starts to suspect him in his involvement. With the power vacuum created from the death of the Director Heinemann, Dr. Tenma is promoted to Chief of Surgery at Eisler Memorial Hospital by the Chairman of the Board. Eva attempts to reconcile with Dr. Tenma, but is rebuffed. The story then switches to nine years later when a known criminal is found hit by a car. Dr. Tenma is called upon to operate on him and encounters Inspector Lunge who is investigating the criminal's involvement in a murder investigation.

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