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"Night of the Execution"
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Episode Summary: Inspector Lunge questions the criminal Adolf Junkers in his involvement in several homicides involving middle-aged childless couples, but only gets a response that a Monster is involved. Dr. Tenma reaches out to Junkers and attempts to convince him to confess his involvement. When Junkers decides to tell Dr. Tenma his story, he finds the police guard assigned to his room poisoned by candy, and flees to a nearby construction yard. Dr. Tenma, having bought a gift of a clock for Junkers, also finds the dead guard and follows Junkers to the construction site. At the construction site, Dr. Tenma finds Junkers who is executed by an unknown assailant. The assailant reveals himself to be Johan, whose life was saved by Dr. Tenma nine years ago. Johan admits he was the one who poisoned Director Heinemann, Dr. Oppenheim, Dr. Boyer, and the policeman that was guarding Junkers. Inspector Lunge's case against Dr. Tenma begins to grow after Dr. Tenma is questioned afterwards.

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