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"Monster's Love Letter"
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Episode Summary: Hans Georg Schuwald, with the help of Dr. Reichwein, re-explores his past with Karl Neumann's real mother and realizes his link to Johan. As news of Tenma's arrest spreads, various people (ranging from Dr. Reichwein, Hans Georg Schuwald, Dr. Schumann and Petra, Karl Neumann, Dr. Becker, former patients of Eisler Memorial Hospital, and the Vietnamese underworld doctor that Tenma once helped) react with shock and horror (with the exception of Eva Heinemann who is insistent that Tenma pay dearly for rejecting her). Suk tries to leave the hospital he is in to try to help Tenma, but is stopped by Detective Bradec and Detective Stransky who inform him that Grimmer has sent a note to them exonerating Suk from any involvement in the deaths of the police officers. Lunge also gets news of the arrest as well, but he is more interested in the Mansion of Red Roses, where he obtains a letter possibly addressed to the twins' mother. Tenma is deported back to Düsseldorf.

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