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"The Town Massacre"
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Episode Summary: As time passes, more people in Ruhenheim are being shot dead by mysterious people and each other. Wim is tempted to use the gun on his bullies and Herbert discovers the people in the pub dead. Grimmer finds Wim when they find him with the bullies dead and finds the gun still loaded that someone else shot them. Both Grimmer and Lunge determine that the elderly owner of a local hotel is Klaus Poppe (also known as Franz Bonaparta) as he tends to Officer Laufer's wounds. After subduing the supposed wheelchair man who was giving weapons to everyone in the town, they obtain information that one of the ringleaders is in a second hotel. Dieter later talks to Eva while Nina is shown an E-Mail from Johan by Dr. Reichwein and Dr. Gillen. Dr. Reichwein says that she will allow Nina to go to Ruhenheim in exchange that she doesn't bring a gun and that Dr. Gillen escorts her there. She advises Dr. Reichwein to see that Eva, Dieter, Karl, Lotte, and Schuwald go into hiding until everything is over. The Henichs shows up at Bonaparta's hotel, believing that they inadvertently triggered the massacre. Using their arsenal, Lunge decides to confront the ringleader after interrogating the suspects while Grimmer mounts a defence at Franz Bonaparta's hotel. Tenma arrives at Ruhenheim and tries to evacuate as many people as possible after finding a wounded man.

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