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"The Wrath of the Magnificent Steiner"
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Episode Summary: Grimmer binds and gags up the elderly couple to keep them as witnesses and tells Wim to keep the door to the room he's in locked as he, Henning Henich, and Franz go to prepare for any break-ins from the attackers. Tenma runs into Lunge, the latter apologizing for his previous accusations against Tenma as he has Tenma take Else to the Hotel Versteck after she fled from Roberto. Nina and Dr. Gillen rush to Ruhenheim. Inspector Lunge shoots one of the assailants demanding to know where Roberto is. After the Henichs are wounded in an attack on Bonaparta's hotel and the elderly couple is killed in the shooting, Grimmer rushes out to the streets to reason with the unknown assailants while Franz and Wim watch over the Henichs in the basement. Unfortunately, he is shot multiple times after Else is shot. Meanwhile, Nina and Dr. Gillen reach a path that leads to Ruhenheim and run into those that Tenma had evacuated. As Nina runs off to where Tenma is, Dr. Gillen tells the lead survivor to take the kids to the hospital to be treated for any injuries and call the authorities as he goes after Nina. As the Magnificent Steiner, Grimmer is able to kill most of the assailants as Tenma arrives. Before succumbing to his injuries, Grimmer gives Tenma a letter from Inspector Lunge and experiences sadness as Wim and Franz arrive. Wim and Franz mourn Grimmer's death.

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