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"A Nameless Man"
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Episode Summary: Lunge confronts Roberto in a hotel room of the Hotel Bergbach. The Henichs and Wim mourn Grimmer's death as Franz Bonaparta wants to go to help Tenma with assisting Inspector Lunge. Tenma ends up reading the letter he gained from Grimmer to Franz. Franz mentions to Tenma that he killed those who knew about the Twins, their mother, and the experiment. Lunge and Roberto are both wounded as Lunge demands to know what Roberto's name is and where Johan is. Roberto mentions that Lunge's wife is married to another man. Both of them then end up wrestling each other as Roberto mentions that he has no name. Franz mentions to Tenma that he had visited the Lieberts to see the Twins in their sleep as they draw closer to the Hotel Bergbach. While strangling Lunge, Roberto mentions that Tenma will be the last to die. Lunge manages to grab Roberto by his wound as he demands where Johan is. While Herbert is looking for Wim, Nina and Gillen arrive in Ruhenheim where they find a house containing drawings of the two twins by Franz Bonaparta. This triggers a final memory and the secret to Johan's madness and motives, his quest for true solitude, as well as forgiveness for his actions.

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