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"Pollen Telepathy A Girl's Feelings Heart Throbbing Mail"
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Episode Summary: Rito takes Celine out for a walk and meets up with Yui. As Yui argues with another person about Rito and her being a couple, Celine wanders off and steals a Cola. She drinks it and becomes drunk, spreading pollen everywhere. Saki and the others get infected by the pollen and fall for Rito. Rito tries to escape, but gets tackled by the principal. Rito is assigned to shop for groceries, but gets intercepted by Risa as she tries to ward off a stranger following her. Risa returns the favor by taking him to Mio's workplace. Risa tests Rito's reaction to girls, leading him by love hotels and into her bedroom. After Risa finishes toying with him, Rito arrives home late with no shopping done. Rito requests from Yui a book titled "Midnight Date" for his dad's manga and hands her his contact info. Yui contacts Rito with text messaging about the book, but Rito's sleepy and wants Momo to answer. Momo mistakes the message and responds awkwardly. Nana takes Rito's cellphone and asks a more provocative question and Celine sends a nude photo of Lala to Yui.

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