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"Those Warped into the Midst of Darkness Welcome to the Yuuki Household! Sleepover Party"
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Episode Summary: Lala creates a mess of her own gadgets at school. As Rito tries to keep Haruna away from Lala's gadgets Rito and Haruna accidentally activate the warp ring sending both of them into an unknown location naked. Haruna and Rito explain about their background but get discovered by Mikado-sensei as the unknown location was in her clinic. Haruko, Mikan's teacher, wants to visit Saibai (Mikan and Rito's dad) because she is a fan of his manga. Due to a new deadline, Saibai is unable to visit. Lala dresses Rito up to as Saibai, but Rito is too nervous and acts strangely in front of Haruko. Lala invites Haruna and Yami to a sleepover party. After a big dinner Rito decides to take a bath. However, Lala does not know about Rito's presence in the bathroom and invites all the girls to the enlarged bathroom she created (with Rito still inside). Although the enlarged bathroom is large enough for Rito to hide and escape from the girls, Peke deactivates Lala's controller restoring the bathroom to its original size and putting Rito in front of all the girls all naked.

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