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"Yami's Clinic Hostile Feelings A Strange Haruna"
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Episode Summary: Yami tries to attack Rito, but falls unconscious. Rito notices Yami's high fever and rushes her to the hospital with the help of Lala. Mikado-sensei recovers Yami and tells her to thank Rito. Yami does not understand why Rito continues to act friendly towards her, noting that he's still her target. Run stars as the antagonist in the next Magical Kyoko episode. Run tires out from acting and is angry about Kyouko, the protagonist, being a favorite. Kyouko then eats lunch with Run and tells her that she's one of her fans. When the principal attacks Run, Kyouko reveals that her ability to control fire is real, and that she is half earthling and half flame jin. Run reveals her identity as an alien and they become friends. On the way to school, Haruna notices a dog running around her. When Lala and Rito meet up with Haruna, Haruna acts strange, even groping Risa and Mio. Haruna then confesses to Rito, shocking him. When Rito tries to confess back, Haruna freaks out from dogs and Rito sees Oshizu leaving Haruna's body. Oshizu was running away from the dog Haruna saw earlier and Haruna got in the way.

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