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"A Return from Eternity"
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Episode Summary: Marika leads a boarding party which includes Misa, Hyakume and Schnitzer to escort Gruier inside the ghost ship. Coorie informs Marika that one of the Serenity ships manged to dock inside as well. Rather than face them, Marika decide to continue escorting Gruier to her destination. As the ship's power comes online, Marika's entourage passes by the various section of the ship thanks to Gruier's access. Finally reaching their destination, Marika's entourage arrives at the Artificial Womb room, which Gruier reveals that all members of the Serenity Royal family were genetically made and born here since the first King. Gruier's true goal was to find the golden ghost ship and destroy the Womb since she believes the time of the royal family has ended and the Serenity system should be governed by its people. However, Grunhilde arrives, accompanied by her soldiers including Yotof and Catherine, as she wants the Womb to create a new heir as she believes that will bring glory back to the royal family. As the Serenity soldiers and pirates face-off, Marika throws a smoke grenade and gasses both Gruier and Grunhilde to sleep. Later, it is revealed that Marika had secretly contacted Yotof before and learn he wanted to stop the sisters from fighting but can't as servants of the royal family cannot harm them but since Marika isn't, they set up a plan to peacefully disarm them. Furthermore, Gruier's mission was pointless since the Artificial Womb was no longer functional and had she done so, she would have killed the newest and last Serenity Royal to born from the womb. Realizing she almost killed her new baby sibling, Gruier thanks Marika for doing the right thing. With both Gruier and Grunhilde making peace, they return the golden ghost ship to the Serenity Star System and the Bentenmaru returns home.

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