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"Marika Goes Recruiting"
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Episode Summary: As Marika is given a break from her captaining duties, the entire crew gets infected with a cold-like disease carried by the monkeys they were transporting, putting them in isolation for two weeks. As such, Marika is asked to contact Bentenmaru's insurance company, Show from the Harry Llyod Insurance Union, who tells her the crew is likely to be out of action for a month. As Marika deduces she needs to recruit a temporary crew to prevent Bentenmaru's pirating license from being revoked due to lack of activity, Gruier accompanies her to a relay station to search for candidates. Whilst there, they end up encountering Chiaki and her father, Kenjo, captain of the Barbaroosa, who remind Marika the most important thing in a crew is trust. As such, Marika ends up recruiting the space yacht club to help her out with her pirating duties.

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