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"Smuggling, Leaving Port and a Leap"
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Episode Summary: Launching from the Odette II, Lynn uses her hacking skills to fool space traffic control and sets the Odette II on an autopilot course where Marika and space yacht club will leave the ship and board the Bentenmaru. Upon learning Marika and the space yacht club will crew their ship, the Bentenmaru crew quickly makes an instruction manual for the club and secretly use Show as their middleman before the club makes more mistake. Unfortunately, the crew forgets to put instructions on how to perform an FTL jump and worse, Stellar Military Scout ships are heading towards the Bentenmaru due to one of the club members accidentally firing the ship's beams earlier. Using her past knowledge of the Bentenmaru's previous FTL jumps, Marika manages to instruct the club to successfully perform a FTL jump. As the club celebrates, Chiaki, Gruier and Grunhilde realizes the Bentenmaru crew were spying and helping them but decides to keep it a secret to not hurt Marika's pride.

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