Mouretsu Pirates Episode 18 English Subbed

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"We'll Have Juice at the After Party"

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Episode Summary: As Robert's forces close in on the Bentenmaru, Grunhilde suggests that they confront Jenny's fiancee, Junigh Coolph, to try and get the wedding cancelled, managing to escape thanks to Lynn's hacking. Meanwhile, the Bentenmaru crew manage to dig up some dirt on Robert which they deliver to Marika via Show. Marika and her crew board Junigh's ship to find him leading an anti-government rebellion, which is soon put to a stop thanks to Chiaki and a live broadcast on air. As Robert confront the crew, they bring to light his crimes of selling military weapons to anti-government forces, bringing the case to a close. As the girls celebrate their victory, Jenny goes onto Space University whilst the Bentenmaru crew are clear of their quarantine. Marika is given the Silent Whisper by Jenny and she latter thanks Misa and the crew for secretly helping her.

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