Mouretsu Pirates Episode 2 English Subbed

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"My Power, The Power of Pirates"

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Episode Summary: After dragging her to safety, Chiaki reveals to Marika that the men who were monitoring her were from various government, military and criminal organizations as they wanted to know whether Marika would accept becoming captain of the Bentenmaru. As Ririka picks up her daughter, she apologizes to Marika for not revealing about her father and the space pirates which Marika doesn't mind. As she bring Marika to a junkyard, Ririka teaches her daughter how to use guns, teaching her about the power a pirate captain holds and tells Marika that it is her decision on whether she wants to take over the Bentenmaru or not. The next day, Kane becomes the adviser of Marika's space yacht club and bring them to the space docking station where the school's solar sailor ship, Odette II, is docked, which unknown to the students, the ship was once the Hakuchou, one of the seven original pirate ships during the War of Independence. Under the directions of Kane and club President Jenny Dolittle, the space yacht club checks the ship and get its system online. Alone in the Odette II, Marika and Chiaki discovers a nearby docked ship is trying to hack into the Odette's system, which Marika decides to help Chiaki counter attack the hackers.

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