Mouretsu Pirates Episode 20 English Subbed

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"The Captain Rides the Waves"

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Episode Summary: Having previously found some space dinghies aboard the Odette II, the space yacht club decide to enter the 16th Nebula Cup Dinghy Championship in two weeks, although they soon discover only one of the members, Ai Hoshimiya, has any experience piloting one. Just then, Kane appears, deciding to become the club's adviser again and begins training them to learn to pilot dinghies. Later, Grunhilde and her fellow club members learns that Hakuho Academy had been suspended during the 12th Nebula Cup because they caused a great pileup during the race. Fearing a repeat of what happen when Hakuho Academy entered, the Nebula Cup Committee ask Show for help which he assigns Marika and the Bentenmaru as security. While Marika learns about Ai's love of space yachts, elsewhere, the organizations that monitor Marika learns the criminal Bisque Company are targeting the Katos which Ririka is also informed by Kane. The next day, Kane holds a windsurfing contest where the top three to finish the race will be going to the Nebula Championship. During the second part of the race, Kane has the Bentenmaru fire one of their beams near the club's location in order to cause a giant wave. Despite many girls failing due to the wave, Natalia Grennorth, Grunhilde and Ai manages to beat Marika for the top three. As the space yacht club travels to the Championship, they are soon followed by the Bentenmaru.

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