Mouretsu Pirates Episode 21 English Subbed

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"The Final Battle at the Nebula Cup"

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Episode Summary: The space yacht club arrives at the planet Calmwind where the Nebula Cup is being held where they get a odd reception from the scared officials and the other schools. Chiaki, who is also joining the race, reveals to the club because of what happen during the 12th Nebula Cup, their name has become a boogeyman to the Nebula Cup which Lynn suddenly realizes she was the cause of the great pileup when she hacked and changed the race coordinates of the competition for her seniors. Marika borrows a space dinghy from the Nebula Cup Committee to keep a close eye on the race. The Nebula Cup begins as normal with the contestants entering the Calmwind atmosphere as a Solar flare erupts. But the paranoid Nebula Cup Committee Chairwoman, upon learning that Marika is a Hakuho student, chases after Marika in her space dinghy, believing she's up to trouble. Suddenly, a Bisque Company gunship starts shooting at the racers trying to find Marika. Marika orders Chiaki to lead everyone to safety while she distract the gunship. Soon the Bentenmaru arrives to pick Marika as they chase the gunship. Unable to use any of their weapons except their main beam cannon, Ai helps the Bentenmaru using the planet's wind direction to gundown the gunship. With her radar fried by the gunship's EMP blast, Ai continues the race using the planet's constellation. In the end, the criminals are arrested and Chiaki wins the Nebula Cup with Grunhilde as runner up.

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