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"The Final Battle is at Midnight"
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Episode Summary: Jenny informs Kane and Misa that she has detected three spaceships without transponders following them. While Kane and Misa are aware one of the ships is actually the Bentenmaru, they decide to inform the Bentenmaru to find out about the other two spaceships. During night duty, Marika and Chiaki conclude one of the ships is trying to jam the Odette's transponder signal so when they reach the system borders of Tau Ceti near the planet Sand of the Red Star, the ship will attack the Odette without the other spaceships noticing. In order to detect the ship, Marika activates the Odette's High Frequency Radar and locates the mystery ship which is revealed to be the battleship Alcyon. But when Marika activates the High Frequency radar again, the ship mysteriously vanishes off radar and furthermore, they learn the Alcyon has been lost a century ago. Informing Kane about this "ghost ship", he makes an encrypted call to the Bentenmaru to investigate the matter while Marika and Chiaki tries listen to his conversation from the bridge. However, Jenny discovers what they are doing which Marika decide to reveal to the space yacht club about the Ghost ship. Much to Marika, Chiaki and the other club members surprise, Jenny and her vice-president Lynn Lambretta were already aware about Marika's connection with space pirates and concludes the ghost ship is targeting them due to Marika. Jenny asks Marika what should they do next which Marika decides they should fight back with the whole club agreeing as well. After coming up with several plans, Marika has the Odette II maintain its course to Red Star to fool the ghost ship into thinking they have not detected them while making a fake copy of the Odette's OS for them to hack so they can trace and hack them. Thanks to Lynn's computer skills, the crew discover the ghost ship is using a drone ship to disguises its transponder signal as the Alcyon when detected by radar. Marika has Lynn make preparations to hack into the drone while she and Jenny think of their next plan.

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