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"The Peace Does Not Last"
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Episode Summary: Kane and Misa are worried about Marika's health since the start of the second semester as her grades are falling and she's coming to class late due to her juggling between being a student and a space pirate. Misa suggests she quits school but Marika refuses as she stills wants to graduate. As Marika is call for an unscheduled job, Chiaki visits the retro café only to learn from Mami that Marika was called for job so Mami decides to hang out with Chiaki. Mami reveals to Chiaki that Marika always does her best because of her mother Ririka and wants to be great just like her without being better than her and ask Chiaki to keep an eye on Marika for her. As Chiaki finishes her shopping, her father informs something important to her, which makes her decide to stay at Morning Star for now. At the Bentenmaru, Marika is inform that their new job is to "rob" the Frigate Line mega-ship, the Symphony Angel, which is escorted by three Corback-class escort ships. They are also inform that their client wants the Bentenmaru to have a space battle with the escort ships to entertain the Symphony Angel's passengers. While Marika commands the ship as usual, she is also inform by Misa to take the battle seriously even if it is for show. After several volleys against each other, the Symphony Angel and its escorts surrender, allowing Marika to board and "rob" the ship. As Marika finally gets her rest, she is unexpectedly called by her electronic warfare expert Coorie over a problem. When the Bentenmaru was boarding the Symphony Angel, a stowaway temporarily overwrote their security system and sneaked into their ship. Having found the stowaway, the stowaway refuses to negotiate with anyone other than the Captain. Marika agrees and contacts the stowaway, realizing the stowaway is a child.

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