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"Marika Makes a Decision"
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Episode Summary: Marika explains to the club they will continue their journey to the planet Sand of the Red Star but instead going around the planet in their flight plan, they will turn the Odette II once they reach the planet's atmosphere. Furthermore, they will let the ghost ship hack into the fake Odette OS and fool them into thinking they are unprepared so they can easily hack into the enemy ship's system and take control of it. With Kane and Misa secretly watching the bridge in Kane's room just in case, the space yacht club prepares for the upcoming attack. As predicted, the ghost ship jams their radar and the hacks into the fake OS while the club secretly detects the ghost ship's transponder and its identity, the Lighting 11. Lynn hacks into the Lighting 11's system to disable their ship. Once the Lighting 11 takes control of the fake OS, believing they now have full control of the Odette II, they sent a message to the Odette II to surrender, which Jenny replies calling them fools, while Lynn begins taking control of the Lighting 11's system. Just as she's about to take full control of Lighting 11, the ship shut downs its computer systems before she can do that. With their engines disabled by Lynn, the Lighting 11 starts shooting beams at the Odette II using optical targeting. With the beams getting closer to the Odette II, Chiaki prepares to have the ship accelerate away but Marika stops her as this will allow the Lighting's heat sensor to target them. Instead, Marika uses the ship's solar sails to completely blind the Lighting 11. With the Lighting 11 disabled, helps comes for the Odette II in the form of the other previously non-transponder ships, the space pirate ships Bentenmaru and Barbaroosa, the latter which Chiaki reveals its captain is actually her father, and Stellar Military patrol ships. When Marika returns homes, she tells her mother she has made her decision to become the captain of the Bentenmaru.

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