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Episode Summary: Ichiko tries to stop Yumemi from leaving her side after she tells Ichiko that she must go to where Munto is to help him. Suzume, however, believes in Yumemi and persuades Ichiko to let her go. Yumemi leaves to find Munto, who realizes the destruction was caused by Gntarl's attempt to abduct Yumemi via raising a portion of her city. Once Yumemi finds Munto, she pleads to him to grant her the chance to help him, but Munto does not want her to get involved any more. Ichiko, Suzume, and some others from school find Yumemi on a Ferris wheel car dangling over a cliff, and Ichiko tries to keep her to stay by asking her to come back, but Yumemi has already made up her mind. Yumemi convinces Munto that he needs her help, and Yumemi leaps from the car into Munto's arms, effectively bridging a gap between the two worlds. The resulting explosion disables Gntarl's ship, and Munto takes Yumemi to the heavens in the midst of a battle. Yumemi is protected while Munto goes to fight.

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