Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Episode 14 English Subbed

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"A Pilot's Honour"

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Episode Summary: Yuuya's TSF is already critically damaged and is no longer able to fly. Before he is finished off, the Zhar Battalion arrives timely and save him. The bombers arrive and start blowing up the base, but the unexpected arrival of laser-class BETAs wipe them out. With Yuuya's TSF unable to fly, Lt. Latrova orders her battalion to escort him to safety, while the rest will attempt to flank the laser-class BETAs. An unknown and very powerful TSF is detected approaching them from the rear, and Latrova stays back to confront it. The mysterious TSF intercepts and kills her. In Alaska, the UN force mourns Yuuya's death, with Yui mourning the most. In a miracle, Yuuya's TSF appears in the horizon, walking in its damaged state. Fast forward, and the XFJ project unveils its newest creation, the XFJ-01a, Shiranui Second. Vincent tells Yuuya that the whole Zhar battalion was annihilated, but not after defeating the laser-class and the remaining BETA. They were named The Heroes of the Russian Federation.

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    Onward to Houstooooonn!!! …wait what? Where’s the BETA WTF?!

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    Oct 2nd, 2012

    was that the end of the season???

  10. Anemois

    Feb 21st, 2013

    damn it he should of died

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