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"Far East Battle Lines"
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Episode Summary: Project PROMINENCE heads to the Kamchatka frontlines to gather test flight data in cold regions and their first live battle data with the BETA along with Yui being pressured by both the UN and Japanese government to test her uncle's new weapon, the EML-99X rapid-fire railgun. The Argos crew notices Yuuya and Yui are now more friendlier with each other and support it. Yui shows Yuuya the railgun and tells him to abandon it and escape to safety should something bad happens during the test and destroy it to prevent other nations from copying it but he assures her that both he and railgun will come back. As he heads back to his quarters, he discovers Cryska and Inia being ganged up by a group of young Soviet pilots. The pilots express their hatred for Russians like Cryska and Inia due to the fact when the Soviet Union fell to the BETA, the Russians were the first to get refuge in Alaska while they, the Georgians and Kazakhs, were left behind and were forced to fight the BETA themselves. Cryska is unable to defend Inia due to a serious headache. When one of the pilots attempts to rape Inia, Yuuya attacks him. The pilots are about to surround Yuuya when their commanding officer orders them to stand down and leave. The next day, Ibrahim briefs the Argos, Idar and Bao-Feng Flight crews on where they will be doing their tests during an upcoming BETA invasion and introduces the woman who's battalion will be protecting them, Lieutenant Colonel Fikatsia Latrova of the Zhar Battalion, the officer who saved Yuuya, Cryska and Inia.

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  1. BitNdragon

    Aug 19th, 2012

    mirror 1 is arcana famiglia ep 8 but mirror 2 is fine

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    Aug 19th, 2012

    Can someone correct the download link, I mean it’s not the total eclipse episode, it’s another anime

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