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"Falling Tears"
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Episode Summary: Latrova tells the UN Flight crews to do their tests while her battalion protects them and not to interfere with her job. Cryska, now better but seemingly having no memory of the events of yesterday, tortures one of the Zhar Battalion pilots who attacked them and warns them to stay away from her and Inia or she will kill them. On the day of the test, Yuuya is nervous since this will be his first real battle, no making things better with the Zhar pilots mocking him but the rest of Argos crew ensures they will protect while he tests the railgun. As the BETA invades the coast, Yui realize something is wrong when she notices there is not enough ground forces protecting the Flight crews. Yui asks her Soviet counterpart to call for reinforcements, unaware that reinforcements won't come as the Soviet higher ups wants the railgun test to fail even at the cost of Latrova's battalion. Realizing they will be overrun soon, Yuuya convinces Latrova to order everyone to fall back so he has the clear to fire the railgun, which she does after realizing what her superior's plan in sacrificing her pilots. With everyone falling back, Yuuya fires the railgun which destroys all of the invading BETA forces. As everyone celebrates, Yui tells Yuuya that she's glad he's safe and tells him to return to base.

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  1. Bitcndragon

    Aug 26th, 2012

    now just a couple more of those and i think they would win the war

  2. Yuuji

    Aug 29th, 2012

    Yup and with showing how effective that baby is, more resources will be put into developing and thus they will plan to shorten the charge time for it and pew pew pew.

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