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"Nostalgic Place"

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Episode Summary: Before he leaves the town of Sakuranomori, Sana Hidaka has a party with his friends, Syusuke Wakatsuki, Nanaka Yatsuhiro, Aoi Oribe and Syuri Watatsuki. They each give him going away presents, with Nanaka playing a half-completed song on her violin. Five years later, Sana returns to Sakuranomori, staying at an apartment owned by Aoi's parents. When he goes to school the next day, he recognizes two of his childhood friends: Syusuke and Syuri. When Nanaka enters the classroom, Sana fails to recognize her. As a result, he is slapped furiously by Nanaka.

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  1. MYEARS!!!!

    Jul 5th, 2012

    that voice is horrible I give up i will have headaches for weeks just from the 15 mins i watched this.

  2. shalihinjack

    Nov 25th, 2014

    hahaha…yeah right it gives me headache

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