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Episode Summary: Nanaka recalls that on the night of the fire, her father had been told that Nanaka was not his child, and in turn, he beat his wife and set the house on fire. In response, Nanaka locks herself in her room and refuses visitors, and Sana visits every day in an attempt to talk to her. One day, Sana finds Nanaka in the bath with her wrist cut, and he manages to have her taken to a hospital. In a subsequent conversation, Sana reveals that he also attempted suicide in his old middle school, and came back to Sakuranomori in order to be with his friends. Ten years later, everyone returns to see a concert performed by Nanaka. Before the concert, Sana proposes marriage to Nanaka, who accepts. For the concert, Nanaka plays the finished version of the song she wrote for Sana when she was younger titled "Myself ; Yourself". Shusuke and Shuri attend the concert though their relationship remained unexplained on their return.

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