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"The Awakened One"
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Episode Summary: Miharu Rokujou is a fourteen-year-old student who wishes to stay apathetic to everything. He is constantly pestered by his classmate Kouichi Aizawa and teacher Tobari Durandal Kumohira to join their nindō club. When Tobari explains that Miharu is being targeted by ninja, Miharu does not take him seriously. Later, Miharu is attacked by ninja who wish to obtain a hijutsu from him. Miharu hears a voice telling him to fight back, causing plants to attack the ninja. The voice tells Miharu that he should tell her his desires as the Shinra Banshou exists to give him everything. Tobari knocks Miharu out. Tobari tells Miharu that the hijutsu, the Shinra Banshou, is the ultimate weapon created a long time ago and has fused with Miharu's body. Miharu asks Tobari to remove it, but Tobari says that if it could be done, it would have been done already. The Kairoushuu, the ninja village that created the hijutsu, wants the hijutsu and is the most dangerous threat to Miharu's life. Tobari tells Miharu he has to become the ruler of Nabari and pledges his life and honor to Miharu. This has little effect on Miharu's decision to not get involved. Elsewhere, Tojuro Hattori, the leader of the Kairoushuu, announces to his followers that the hijutsu's location has been discovered after ten years.

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