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"Raimei Arrives"
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Episode Summary: Raimei Shimizu, a samurai from the Fuuma Village, has come to test the possessor of Shinra Banshou. She quickly finds that Miharu is not at all what she expected. She becomes concerned about entrusting the power to do anything to Miharu and expresses her concern to Tobari. She tells Tobari that she will kill Miharu if she joins the Kairoushuu. Later in the day, she learns that Miharu is not irresponsible, care-free, or has a heart of stone; Miharu does not want to hurt others. She learns that Tobari is looking for a way to seal the hijutsu. She convinces Tobari and Kouichi to take Miharu to Fuuma Village and ask Kotarou Fuuma, the leader of Fuuma Village and the authority on ninjutsu, his advice on sealing the hijutsu. As the four approach Fuuma Village, Raimei realizes that something is wrong and finds that Fuuma Village has been attacked.

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