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Episode Summary: Miharu, Kouichi, and Raimei leave Tobari and Kotarou to seek and destroy the Engetsurin, the kinjutsushō of the Banten Village, but to no avail. Yamase, a teacher a part of the Kairoushuu clan, asks Miharu to change his past concerning the Kairoshi clan using the Shinra Banshou, but he is ambushed by Kouichi and Raimei. She asks Yamase about her brother Raiko, who killed their clan and joined the Kairoushuu. Meanwhile, Kotarou tests the extent of Tobari's ninjutsu, only to prove a point. Yoite appears in the presence of Miharu, knocking Kouichi and Raimei unconscious.

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  1. fritzce

    Apr 13th, 2013

    episode 5 and 23 have no subs, pls fix? thanks a lot :)

  2. james

    Apr 13th, 2013

    there isnt any subs in either mirror… fix please

  3. fritzce

    May 25th, 2013

    so, i think they’re not gonna fix chapters 5 and 23 eh?

  4. Ragingfox


    Sep 7th, 2013

    Mirror 3 added. Enjoy

  5. fritzce

    Sep 27th, 2013

    thanks. is the episode 5 and 23 fixed too?

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