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"Electra the Traitor"
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Episode Summary: To save themselves from being totally destroyed by the remaining Garfish fleet, the Nautilus severs its combat block from the main unit, which self-destructs, taking the enemy submarines with it. To save the children, Nemo relocates them to his personal cabin, warning that they will be jettisoned from the doomed Nautilus. Returning to the bridge, Nemo is confronted at gunpoint by Electra, who shoots his arm. Trapped in the cabin, Jean and Nadia listen in shock as Electra describes her tragic past. Thirteen years ago in the kingdom of Tartessos, Nemo's wife, the Queen, was killed in an attack by ruthless rebels led by Gargoyle and his puppet liege, Emperor Neo. Gargoyle attempted to unlock the Tower of Babel's ancient power, but Nemo put a stop to it by removing the Blue Water from its control device. The tower self-destructed and washed away all of Tartessos in seven days. Electra also lost her parents and little brother. Two nights later she was rescued by Nemo. She gradually fell in love with him… until she learned that the latter was responsible for the destruction of Tartessos and the deaths of the innocent people who lived there. Despite her grudge, however, Electra remained loyal to Nemo in mutual understanding of his goal to take down Neo-Atlantis. However, she admits that she was also jealous of Nadia, fearing that the latter would "steal Nemo's heart" away. It is at this point that Nadia realizes that Nemo is actually her father, much to her shock, and she begins to regret the way she treated him. Angry that Nemo has supposedly "gone back to being an ordinary father" and not sacrificing himself to stop Gargoyle, Electra has lost control and attempts to shoot Nemo again. But Nemo admits that he is merely fighting to atone for his sins and that he couldn't self-destruct the Nautilus because he cares about Electra and doesn't want to her to suffer the same fate. Ashamed and humiliated, Electra attempts to shoot herself, but Nemo stops her. He then releases the children from the crippled Nautilus, saying "Live, Nadia! Live!"

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