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"Successor to the Stars"
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Episode Summary: Both Neo and Nadia shoot Nemo, wounding him. Electra radios the New Nautilus to blast through the throne room. The subsequent explosion compromises Gargoyle's hold on Neo, who recognizes his father. Using his powers, Neo returns the Blue Waters to their rightful owners and approaches Nadia in order to break the crown that is controlling her mind. Just when he reaches the throne, however, he freezes -- Gargoyle has unplugged his source of energy. Using all his will, Neo breaks through and succeeds in freeing his sister. In doing so, he sacrifices himself. Then Gargoyle tortures Electra with deadly volts and causes Jean to fall to his death. The New Nautilus breaches the throne room and blasts at Gargoyle. Nemo gives Nadia his own Blue Water and explains that she can revive Jean if she prays to the Blue Water. With encouragement from Grandis and Electra, Nadia combines both Blue Waters, and its powers form a sphere of light. Ignoring Nemo's warning that only an Atlantean can withstand the power of the Blue Water, Gargoyle staggers toward the sphere and touches it… and his own being literally turns into salt and disintegrates -- he was a human being all along. Nadia successfully brings Jean back to life. Nemo then sacrifices himself to destroy Red Noah as the companions return to Earth aboard an all new submarine spaceship. Twelve years later, a grown Marie talks about how the companions have gone their separate ways: Grandis is single, Hanson a wealthy businessman, Electra a mother, and Jean and Nadia are happily married. Meanwhile, Marie has married Sanson and is expecting her firstborn child.

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