Nagasarete Airantou Episode 15 English Subbed

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"Trying to Improve, Mei Mei"

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Episode Summary: Ikuto and Suzu turn an old waterwheel house into Mei Mei and Tohna's new house. Mei Mei, due to her chronic shyness, is having difficulty interacting with the island's other residents. Ikuto and Suzu attempt to cheer her up and help her adapt. Ayane later arrives and gives Mei Mei a 'pep talk'. During the conversation she notices Tohna and seems to show a puzzling recognition of him. However, when Ayane realizes Tohna is a Kappa, she takes off screaming. Tohna believing that Ayane has seen other kappa before pursues her. This leads to a high-speed pursuit around the island. Mei Mei sees that Ayane is about to run over a cliff and uses her acrobatic skills to stop her. The group later learns that Machi would dress up like a kappa to scare Ayane, causing her phobia. Several of the others arrive to cheer up Mei Mei, and the shy girl thanks them all and promises to do better.

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