Nagasarete Airantou Episode 16 English Subbed

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"Let's Get the Territory Back, Leader"

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Episode Summary: When the South Leader comes into the West Leader's territory to deliver a message to the West Leader, he tells Suzu and Ikuto that the East leader had gotten beaten. They are all in shock. The former East Leader goes to get revenge but sees Mei Mei and falls in love with her and says that the rematch does not matter. Then the former North Leader shows up and stops the former East Leader from running away. Suzu and Ikuto find out from the former North Leader that Mei Mei is the new North Leader and must return to the Northern Forest. However Ikuto will not let the former North Leader take her there so he decides to fight him. Ikuto gets beaten up through most of the fight and Suzu and Mei Mei try to either end the fight or try to fight the former North Leader, but Ikuto does not let them. Ikuto gets some assistance from a shadowy figure and wins the fight. Come to find out it was one of the new Leaders, which looks like a chicken, and the former North Leader returns to the Northern Forest.

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