Nagasarete Airantou Episode 18 English Subbed

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"Let's Have A Match, Ninja"

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Episode Summary: Shinobu, one of three sisters that is a ninja, receives a notice that there is a strong swordsman back in the village where she came from named IKUTO. The rumors that she heard is that he made a 100 dolls just by cutting a tree, can cut a rock with a wooden sword, and that he can depart a waterfall with one strike. She also heard that he beat North Leader so she heads out to fight him. Ikuto and Suzu find Shinobu on their way out and take her back to their house to feed her. Shinobu then declares that she will not leave his side until he fights with her. Finally it goes so far that a jealous Suzu tells Ikuto to accept her challenge. The battle begins and the two nearly equal. Shinobu is fast but Ikuto had proper techniques. Shinobu trips and Ikuto goes to catch her but his hands touch her breasts. Shinobu is in shock and can't walk or stand up. Ikuto wins the fight just with the touch.

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