Nagasarete Airantou Episode 22 English Subbed

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"Being Discovered, Blue Bird"

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Episode Summary: Yukino is walking home from the forest and sees the mysterious blue bird that is mentioned in a fairy tale. Yukino see Suzu and drags her along to go find the mysterious blue bird. They end up not finding it, but finding another bird that has never been seen before. The bird is small and a gray color (this is the blue birds other form). They chase the bird and end up falling into a cave and can't climb out. Suzu gets injured on the fall. Ikuto goes in search for Suzu and Yukino. While Ikuto is out searching for them it starts raining; then all of a sudden Ikuto hears his name being called and stops. The blue bird appears and takes him to Suzu and Yukino. Rin, Ikuto and others help get them out of the cave. Ikuto thanks them and then Suzu and Ikuto start home. Ikuto then finds out that Suzu is hurt and gets mad at her; however, Ikuto says that Suzu is his family on the island and Suzu becomes extremely happy. Ikuto ends up carrying her on his back.

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