Nagasarete Airantou Episode 23 English Subbed

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"Bring Me Along, Elementary School"

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Episode Summary: Suzu hates studying so much that she runs away from the school building or away for even mentioning school or studying. Ikuto and all the others come up with a plan to lure her there so that she can study with them. When they all arrive she runs away again and Ikuto runs after her to say come back and give it a try. When Ikuto throws Tonkatsu at Suzu to stop her; she dodges it and falls on Ikuto's face and he plays dead until she starts to walk by and he grabs her foot. Ikuto takes off her boot and tickles Suzu's foot until she gives up and agrees to go back with him. She ends up finding out that he is a teacher and she gets excited. After the credits Suzu and Ikuto are going over numbers multiplied by two. When she gets "9*2=18", Ikuto says good job and gives her his portion of her favorite food.

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