Nagasarete Airantou Episode 8 English Subbed

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"Invited by the Observer"

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Episode Summary: Ikuto and Suzu have been invited to Chikage's western-style home so that Chikage can secretly observe Ikuto since she has never had the chance to study a human male before. Chikage first dresses up in a maid uniform after referring to several books that have washed up on to the island over the years and then tries to make western-style food, but is unfamiliar with the entrees, so has trouble pleasing Ikuto's stomach; she finally makes curry rice, and Ikuto loves it. The next scene involves Ikuto taking a bath with Chikage's elephant maid Panako. Chikage spies on him without him knowing but is soon discovered when an accident happened. Later, Suzu consults Ikuto about why he can take a bath with Panako which is a female, but not her and Chikage.

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