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"The Saltflake Snow Falls and Falls"
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Episode Summary: Hikari is informed that according to Uroko, the Sea God's power is weakening and thus the saltflake snow will keep falling and cooling the world until it freezes, possibly killing all humans in the surface in the process until his powers renew and the world is restored to its former self. To avoid this fate, the people undersea will enter into hibernation and the villagers will gather for a banquet on friday, entering into a fasting period after that until the hibernation begins. Believing that the only way to please the Sea God and prevent this catastrophe is to perform the Ofunehiki, Hikari convinces Uroko to let him and his friends go to school until the time for their hibernation and they revew their effort to make it happen. During the banquet, Manaka is distraught upon the current situation and when she finally finds a sea slug with a red belly, she makes a wish for it. In the next day, Kaname approaches Chisaki and confesses his feelings for her.

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  1. Sousuke


    Dec 6th, 2013

    seem like this anime really nice!

  2. chathana

    Dec 7th, 2013

    OMG that OG. XD Kaname,finally, he be taking so long.

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