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"The Sick Two"
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Episode Summary: Naked Kaname appears at the surface asking a man for information. Upon learning of Kaname's awakening, Hikari and the others reunite with him. After being examined, Kaname moves to Tsumugu's house and becomes unconfortable with how Chisaki and Tsumugu got closer. In the next day, Sayu, still having feelings for Kaname, is anxious about meeting him again, but when they meet by accident after school, she flees in tears when he fails to recognize her immediately. After overhearing Hikari talking with Kaname, claiming that he can't change anymore until he reunites with Manaka, Miuna has a fallout with Sayu, who decided to discard her feelings for Kaname for the sake of moving on with her life, but soon after, Sayu meets Kaname again and learns that he indeed recognizes her, much to her joy. Later that night, Hikari, Kaname and Miuna are informed that Tsumugu and Professor Mihashi found a weak point in the sea current surrounding Shioshishio, and in the next day, the three dive there in an attempt to return to the sea village, following the same sound Miuna heard when her Ena first activated.

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