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Episode Summary: By following Miuna's directions, the three finally arrive at Shioshishio, now covered in snow and with its residents still asleep. Anxious about meeting Manaka once more, Hikari decides to return home and pay a visit to his father first, while Kaname leaves to check on his house as well. While waiting for them to return, Miuna hears the sound once more and is guided to the sea children's old school, where he sees glimpses of how Hikari and the others' days there used to be. Soon after, Uroko appears before her, questioning the girl if looking for Manaka is what she truly wants, disappearing after Kaname and Hikari appear looking for her. Miuna then hears the sound again and they follow it to a secret, unknown trench where all the previous Ojoshis are deposited, where they find Manaka, who is still asleep. However, Miuna realizes that the sound is coming from Manaka's Ena, which is coming off, putting her life at risk, and Hikari decides to take her to the surface. The whole place colapses as the three leave Shioshishio taking the unconscious Manaka with them.

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