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"Sleeping Beauty"
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Episode Summary: With no signs of Manaka awakening, Hikari keeps searching for Uroko with Kaname and Chisaki's help with no success. Miuna, who decided to not help with their search, is worried about Hikari and reprimands him when he reveals his intention to stop going to school while looking for a way to help Manaka, creating a divide between them. In the next day, while discussing with Sayu about it, Miuna starts wondering if deep inside she does not wish for Manaka to awaken out of her feelings for Hikari. Later at home, while mistaking Miuna for Manaka, a feverish Hikari collapses and in the next day, Miuna feigns to have a fever as well in order to stay at home and take care of him. In the occasion, Tsumugu calls her asking her help with his research, but realizing that she is crying, he rushes to meet her in person. In the occasion, Tsumugu reveals that just like her, he was afraid of Hikari and Kaname's return out of his feelings for Chisaki, but in the end, he got happy with their reunion. Wondering if she will have such feeling regarding Manaka, Miuna returns home, and while she has a serious discussion with Hikari, Manaka awakens to stop their fight, much to their shock and awe.

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