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"Thing That Was Lost"
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Episode Summary: Hikari and his friends start searching for Uroko without success. Meanwhile, the temperature around the country starts dropping rapidly and it starts snowing even in the most remote areas and because of it, Professor Mihashi is called back to the university. Tsumugu decides to stay for a little more, claiming that he must countinue their research, but later reveals to Kaname that his true intent is to stay near Chisaki for a while. Meanwhile, Hikari realizes that Manaka had lost her memories from several situations they had experienced together, including the time when he confessed his feelings to her. Some time later, Hikari and Miuna finally meet Uroko at a nearby shrine and he explains to them that just as they suspected, Manaka had become an Ojoshi for the Sea God herself, and it helped delay the cooling of the planet, which started accelerating again when she was taken back to the surface. He also reveals that just like Manaka, the original Ojoshi could not discard her feelings for the loved one she left behind and the Sea God allowed her to return, but it took away her memories of love instead. A desperate Hikari then realizes that at her current state, his feelings for Manaka will never reach her at all.

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