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"Love, Is Just Like The Sea"
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Episode Summary: On the eve of the festival, Akira steals the pendant with Manaka's stone and accidentally drops it in the sea. Miuna dives in to catch the pendant and has a glimpse of a conversation between Manaka and Tsumugu five years before, in which she confesses her feelings for Hikari. When asked by her about why he never told anyone about it, Tsumugu replies that he was doing so by Manaka's request. Later at night, Hikari is confronted by Miuna about his true feelings and he confesses that he has always loved Manaka, while Tsumugu, encouraged by Kaname, tries to get Chisaki to admit she has feelings for him, which she doesn't deny. The next day, the festival begins. Carrying the holy flame entrusted to them by Uroko, Hikari and his friends traverse the frozen sea until a storm comes, just like in the last Ofunehiki. Manaka falls in the sea but is unable to breathe underwater thanks to her lack of Ena. Miuna swims in after her and her own Ena transfers itself to Manaka. While watching this scene with Hikari and Chisaki, Tsumugu reveals to Hikari that Miuna and Manaka's Ena are connected because of their feelings for Hikari. Miuna then shoves Manaka away and dives deeper to become the Ojoshi herself and calm the water god. A desperate Hikari chases after Miuna in order to bring her back, but is stopped by a barrier which forms around her as she lays in the grave of the Ojoshi. Suddenly, the words "I love Hikari" resound in the ocean as the Ojoshi-sama with Manaka's necklace falls towards Miuna. Miuna smiles and repeats the words, "Hikari, I love you" and Hikari screams her name.

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