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"Fireworks Display, Hachi and NANA"
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Episode Summary: In the future, the band members of Blast and Hachi with her daughter, Satsuki, meet each other again at the apartment for the fireworks display. However, Nana is ironically not present. In the past, Hachi tries to avoid seeing Nobu again. So Nana lies to her, saying that Nobu won't be seeing the fireworks display with the rest of the band members of Blast. Nobu stays in the apartment, while the rest go outside and enjoy the fireworks display. Hachi meets up with them, not knowing that Nobu stayed in the apartment. In the future, as they all enjoy the fireworks display, Hachi waits for Nana to return to her.

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  1. mikony

    Apr 3rd, 2014

    amazing.. the feels man..

  2. crnr


    Oct 30th, 2014

    WOW there’s too much feels that I’m actally raging why did they left me hanging like that >///.<

    still can't believe they ended it here TT-TT

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