Naruto: Shippuuden Episode 159 English Subbed

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"Pain vs. Kakashi"
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Episode Summary: Kakashi starts fighting the Deva Path, which is soon backed up by the cyborg-like Asura Path. When none of his attacks work, Kakashi uses a clone as a decoy to learn of the Deva Path's powers of gravity-manipulation, allowing it to attract or repel any person, object or jutsu. After an eventual assist by Choza and his son, Choji Akimichi, who first destroy the Asura Path and then attack the Deva Path, Kakashi learns of a time delay of five seconds between Pain's consecutive attacks. He sets up a trap with the Akimichis' help, but a still-functioning Asura Path sacrifices itself to foil their efforts. Choza's squad is soon wiped out by the Deva Path, who seemingly strikes a fatal blow on Kakashi before leaving. However, Kakashi survives using his Mangekyo Sharingan ability, Kamui, and using the last of his strength, saves Choji from Asura Path's dying missile by warping it away for him to inform Tsunade about Pain's powers.

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