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"The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf"
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Episode Summary: The Second Tsuchikage Mu, under Kabuto's control, summons the previous Kages. As Mu and the Second Mizukage argue about their previous duel, Gaara surveys them and is surprised to see his father, the Fourth Kazekage. Meanwhile at the coastline, Darui's division anticipates the arrival of White Zetsu troops as well as resurrected ninjas such as Kakuzu, Dan Kato, Hyuga Hizashi, and the Gold and Silver Brothers Kinkaku and Ginkaku. At the headquarters, Nara Shikaku discusses his strategy in outgunning the White Zetsu troops and the Undead ninjas. While the Kage are impressed on Shikaku's plan, they also warn about Mu being a Kekkei Tota user that utilizes three chakra natures at the same time. Onoki decides to join Gaara's division to counter Mu.

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