Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 12 English Subbed

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"Endless Summer Vacation"

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Episode Summary: The girls soon realise they have gone back to the beginning of the previous day, which Yuka sees as a second chance to try and pass the audition, though it once again ends in failure. Later that day, they discover a shrine from the same family as Rinko's which has its own wishing rock and soon realise it has granted their wish for a never-ending summer vacation, which is proven when they end up looping the day over and over again. As they continue to loop, they forego the audition and instead opt to try various other activities. After deciding they need to find a way to cancel the wish, Yuka theorises that they may be able to escape the loop if they pass the audition. Although they manage to get through the audition, they still end up looping come midnight. Rinko then realises they need to say goodbye to the miracles the wishing rock grants them. After spending one more day in Tokyo, the girls finally enter the next day. On the day of Saki's move, the girls gather around the rock one more time for one final wish: that the four of them will be friends forever. [edit]

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