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"A Heart's Value"
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Episode Summary: The day after they flew, Natsumi and Saki are still hostile towards each other. As Yuka and Rinko hang out at the rock and casually think that Natsumi and Saki are best when they're together, the rock's magic activates, causing Natsumi and Saki to become literally stuck to each other like magnets, finding themselves unable to pull away from each other. Realising this is Yuka and Rinko's doing, Natsumi and Saki cooperate with each other to chase the culprits across town. As the chase reaches its climax, Rinko mentions to Natsumi and Saki about Yuka's desire for them to make up before the two go on to stop Yuka before she runs into the ocean, only for the magic to becomes undone causing them to fall in instead. Afterwards, Natsumi and Saki apologise make up with each other. Meanwhile, one of Natsumi's brother's friends, Yuusuke Kimura, is insistant that he saw Natsumi and the others flying.

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