Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 4 English Subbed

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"Yuka At Full Tilt"

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Episode Summary: As Yuka learns that her cousin, Takashi Sano, who she has a crush on, has feelings for Saki, she unconsciously wishes she could be like Saki whilst sitting on the rock with Rinko. The rock's magic activates, causing Yuka to end up in Saki's body and vice versa. Yuka takes advantage of being in Saki's body to ask Takashi on a date, much to the displeasure of Saki. As the girls attempt to wish to return things back to normal, things only get worse Natsumi and Rinko end up switching bodies instead. The next day, Yuka goes with Takashi to the aquarium whilst Saki and the others follow after them. At the end of the date, Yuka comes to realise that it's Saki he likes and not her, whilst Rinko drags Yuka away before she and Takashi can kiss. As Yuka accepts the situation, everyone returns to their normal bodies before Saki sends a rejection text to Takashi.

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