Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 13 English Subbed

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"Mysterious Girlfriend and Boyfriend"

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Episode Summary: While out shopping, Mikoto meets up with Akira's sister and they decide to go have a coffe while talking about past love crushes and Akisa asking her about having a boyfriend. She mentions that she promised her deceased mother that she will take care of Akira till he is finishes his studies and does not have time for romances anymore. Later on, Mikoto asks Akira to go to his mother's grave next Sunday and pay their respects. Mikoto meets with Akira and he's surprised to see her very formally dressed. After paying their respects and talking about Akira's mother, Mikoto wants to "feel" Akira's memories about his mother and they decide to exchange simultaneously drool while Mikoto touches the gravestone. Mikoto and Akira both end up crying and they feel that their bond has deepened as they continue to walk off talking and laughing. THE END. [edit]

4 Responses to “Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 13”

  1. JKroxas

    Jul 1st, 2012

    Well thats pretty weird ending. There should be more. I want more!!

  2. Agent287

    Jul 4th, 2012

    … Is there gonna be second for this anime?

  3. crnr


    Sep 24th, 2012

    ok that was not the ending that I was expecting well atleast it met my expectations except for the part where he hasn’t told anyone about their relationship >.<

  4. Hawkrhydge


    Sep 26th, 2014

    Nope, people finished it.

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