Nazo no Kanojo X Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Mysterious Test Tube"

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Episode Summary: Akira spots Kouhei kissing Ayuko Oka, who Kouhei explains is his girlfriend he's been secretly dating for a while. When Akira expresses his desire to kiss Mikoto, she gives him a testtube of her drool, telling him to drink it before he goes to bed. That night he has a dream where he is kissed by Mikoto, feeling disappointed that she isn't putting her feelings into it. The next day, Akira comes to realise they should only kiss when they come to understand each other's feelings. Later at school, another boy in Akira's class, Ogata, confesses to Mikoto, asking her to go out with him. Mikoto decides to give him a reply the next day, forbidding Akira to interfere. The next day, as Mikoto goes to school with no underwear on, she feeds Ogata some of her drool and, upon hearing he doesn't feel any different, rejects him. After doing the same with Akira, which makes his nose bleed, Mikoto explains how his reaction to her drool is proof that he is the only one she shares this bond with, and they walk home together holding hands.

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